Sunday, May 1, 2011


If there's one word that's overused in America, it's the word "Sale"

Often times my friends say they purchased something on sale for 50% off.  50% off of what?  All too often, people see a sale, and see it’s 50% off, and they get excited.   

Ladies and gentlemen, make no mistake, people buy into marketing and get excited when they see a term such as “sale,” “going out of business – everything must go – make us an offer” etc.  Ever see a store that says it is going out of business-lost their lease, and they’re closing December 31st?  Sure you have, just admit it, that or go out shopping more often.  How many times has that same store been in business come January 2nd?  Somehow they miraculously extended their lease. 

  • Know what things are worth before getting excited by a sale.  
  • Patience is a virtue: if you don't need the item today, and you've seen it on sale for a lower price than the currently advertised price, more than likely it'll be offered for sale again at the best price you've seen previously, absent inflation, scarcity and other uncontrollable factors.
  • If it's not at least 2/3rds off, it's likely not that great of a sale, particularly when it comes to shopping at stores such as Macy's. - Isn't everything half off every day there so it seems?
  • Compare prices for big purchases via the Internet, particularly when it comes to electronics and similar items that are brand name items that are easy to compare.
  • Ask yourself if you really need it/want it - even if something is 80% off, if you really don't need it, is it worth buying?  You still need to pay the other 20%, which is more expensive than not buying it at all.

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