Monday, May 2, 2011

Real Estate Starting at a $1

There was an article in AM Today advertising real estate starting at a $1 - that's fine and dandy, until you read the article and realize that with certainty, you're not going to be the winning bidder for merely a buck.  So what else is out there that's remotely legit?  Here's a few sites and descriptions of what you may find that may not be a dollar or even close, but still a potentially great bargain if you're looking for perhaps an investment, vacation home or other undervalued relative bargains.  Although I haven't taken advantage of any of these deals, for better or worse - I can only hope you benefit: - this site features various items for sale by governments through a third party privately held company.  Essentially from what I can tell governments contract with them to dispose of property and capital assets - an asset disposition via auction company if you will.

USDA Properties for Sale - The US Department of Agriculture offers real estate for sale includes government owned real estate and potential foreclosure sales for single/multi family homes, arm/ranch properties, houses, lots, and buildings.

Commercial / Industrial Office Space  - thus far, this is my personal go-to site, when in the past I've had to search for commercial/industrial office space in the past.  If you're someone who has a need to search for that kind of space, I highly recommend the site.

NJ Affordable Housing - a good site for affordable housing in NJ; "Mt. Laurel Housing" - for those unfamiliar with what Mt. Laurel Housing is, check out

Eventually I'll discuss other housing programs such as Mitchell Llama and HDFC in detail; feel free as always to post any questions.

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