Thursday, March 15, 2012

Save Money on Gas in Jersey

I know, you know already that gas is less expensive in Jersey compared to NY - but obviously I have a better tip than just telling you that.  Apparently, at least according to the gas station attendant at Sam's club who filled my car the other night, Sam's Club, Costco and BJ's and other similar clubs must make their gas stations in NJ only, available to all customers, irrespective of whether they're a member of the wholesale club associated with the gas station.  I couldn't track down a statute etc. to verify such a fact, but I was more than happy to get gas for $3.46 a gallon!  So the next time you're in Jersey and need to get gas, if you happen to know you're going to be passing one of these wholesale clubs with a gas station, might as well stop in and save a few cents over the already low Jersey gas prices!  I'm a big fan of and have their mobile app on my blackberry.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Shaft the MTA Out of $2.25 Without Jumping the Turnstyle

A few of my favorite tricks to beat the MTA out of an extra $2.25 includes taking advantage of the 2 hr free transfer provision:

If you take the subway one way, and want to go back to where ever you came from, take the bus instead and get a free transfer.

If you hop out of the subway in midtown and walk around for a bit, you can re-enter the subway using the 2 hr free transfer at either the 59th/Lex (4,5,6,N,Q,R) or 63rd/Lex (F) stations, because those two stations feature an out of station transfer.

Sure, you're not getting rich on either of these ideas, but every little bit helps!