Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Have a Few Bucks You Want to Earn Interest On?

How many of you have opened a CD (Certificate of Deposit) account or thought about doing so?  Have you noticed how low the rates are these days? I have!  In case you're thinking of opening a new CD, here's a few suggestions of where to look for remotely decent rates:

American Express offers a 1.15% savings account http://personalsavings.americanexpress.com/open-account.html  That's one of the highest rates around without an obligation.  Other offers:

Nationwide and New York accounts based on a $10,000 deposit.  Note the links don't work.

Bank or Credit UnionApyMinMaxEarnings

Self Reliance New York Federal Credit Union2.00%$500-$20012 Month Certificate

Visions Federal Credit Union1.77%$500-$1771 Year - 29 Month CD - Relationship

Suma Yonkers Credit Union1.77%$1k-$1771 Year CD

Connexus Credit Union1.75%$10k-$17512 Month Certificate With Active Checking

Americu1.61%$1k-$16112 - 23 Month Partner Certificate

Melrose Credit Union1.41%$5k-$1411 Year Share CD Certificate

LOMTO Federal Credit Union1.41%$2k-$1411 Year CD

Progressive Credit Union1.41%--$1411 Year CD

Doral Bank Direct1.40%$1k-$14012 Month Certificate

Saint Lawrence Credit Union1.40%--$14012 Month CD

Sea Comm Credit Union1.35%$1k-$1351 Year CD

Massena Savings and Loan1.32%$1k-$13212 Month CD

Atlas Bank1.31%$2,500-$131Charitable 12 Month CD

Southeast Financial Federal Credit Union1.30%$500-$1301 Year CD

Eastbank1.30%$2,500$100k$11911 Month CD

American Airlines Credit Union1.26%$10k-$12612 Month CD

Ascencia Bank1.25%$500$97k$1251 Year CD

Bay Ridge Federal Credit Union1.25%$500-$125Regular 1 Year CD

Maspeth Federal S&L1.25%$1,500-$12512 Month CD

Montauk Credit Union1.25%--$1251 Year CD

Consumers Credit Union1.25%$500-$1251 Year CD

Ghs Credit Union1.25%$10k-$13613 Month Plus CD

Central Hudson Employees Credit Union1.25%--$12512 Month Share Certificate

Ally Bank1.24%--$124High Yield 12 Month CD

Alliant Credit Union1.20%$1k-$12012 - 17 Month Share CD

Discover Bank1.20%$2,500-$12012 Month CD

OneWest Bank1.20%$1k-$1201 Year Online CD

Intervest National Bank1.20%$2,500-$1201 Year CD

Nationwide Bank1.20%--$12012 Month CD

Grand Yield Direct1.20%$5k-$130Grand Yield Direct CD 13 month term

Metropolitan National Bank1.20%$1k-$12012 Month CD

Quorum Federal Credit Union1.20%$1k-$13013 Month Term Savings

AIG Bank1.15%--$11512 Month CD

First Central Savings Bank1.15%$500-$13514 Month CD

H&R Block Bank 1.15%--$11512 Month CD

Island Federal Credit Union1.15%--$11512 Month CD Certificate

Indus American Bank1.15%$2k-$11512 Month CD

Bridgeway Credit Union1.15%$500-$11512-17 Month Share Certificate

Virtual Bank1.11%$10k-$11112 Month eCD

Greater Metro Credit Union1.11%$500-$11112 Month CD

Anheuser-Busch Employees Credit Union1.11%$1k-$11112 Month Member Rewards Premier Share Certificate

Wilshire State Bank1.10%$1k-$1101 Year CD

Teachers Federal Credit Union1.10%$1k-$11012 Month CD

Lockheed Federal Credit Union1.10%$1k-$11012 Month CD

Habib American Bank1.10%$1,500-$11012 Month CD - Manhattan

Hudson Valley Credit Union1.10%$500-$11012 - 17 Month CD

B.T.A. Credit Union1.10%$500-$11012 Month CD

The Delaware National Bank of Delhi1.10%$100-$1101 Year CD

Educational And Governmental Credit Union1.10%$500-$11012-23 Month Share Certificate

Peoples Alliance Credit Union1.07%$500-$1071 Year CD

Wings Financial Credit Union1.06%--$1061 Year Share Certificate

RTN Federal Credit Union1.06%$1k-$10612 Month CD

Acacia Federal Savings Bank1.05%$500-$10512 Month CD

Nassau Educators Federal Credit Union1.05%$1k-$1051 Year CD

Baxter Credit Union1.05%--$10512 Month Rewards CD

Justice Federal Credit Union1.05%$500-$10512 Month CD

Bethpage Credit Union1.05%$1k-$10512 Month CD

Greater Woodlawn Credit Union1.05%$2,500-$10512 Month Term Share Certificate

Goldwater Bank1.04%$5k-$10412 Month CD

Citizens Bank of Cape Vincent1.02%$500-$10212-Month CD

Beal Bank1.01%*$1k-$10112 Month CD

EverBank1.01%$1,500-$1011 Year Yield Pledge CD

Alma Bank1.01%--$1011 Year CD

Polish & Slavic Credit Union1.01%$500-$1011 Year CD

Wilber National Bank1.01%$2,500-$11013 Months to <18 Months CD

Asia Bank, National Association1.01%$1k-$1011 Year CD - New York Branches

Amalgamated Bank1.00%*$500-$100Business 1 Year USAVE Time Deposit

Cross County Federal Savings1.00%$500-$10012 Month CD

State Bank of India1.00%--$1001 Year CD

First Internet Bank of IN1.00%$1k-$10012 Month CD

Fort Knox Federal Credit Union1.00%$500-$10012 Month CD

Marathon National Bank1.00%$1k-$91.7411 Month CD

Pentagon Federal Credit Union1.00%$1k-$1001 Year Money Market Cerificate

Ponce de Leon FSB1.00%$500-$10012 Month CD

Hudson City Savings Bank1.00%*$500-$1001 Year CD

Royal Asian Bank1.00%$1k-$10012 Month CD

United Orient Bank1.00%$500-$10012 Month CD

Aspire Federal Credit Union1.00%$500-$10012 Month CD

JustBankIt.com1.00%$1k-$10012 Month CD

Access Federal Credit Union1.00%$1k-$10012 Month Share Certificate

Sallie Mae Bank1.00%--$10012-Month CD

Corning Credit Union1.00%$1k-$10012 Month Transfer CD

RiverLand Credit Union1.00%$1k-$10012 Month Certificate

Suffolk Federal Credit Union1.00%$500-$10012 Month Certificate

Riverside Bank (NY)1.00%$2,500-$1001 Year CD

Walden Savings Bank1.00%$1k-$10012 Month CD

Banco Popular1.00%--$10012 Month Relationship CD - Bonus

Affinity Credit Union1.00%$500-$10012 Month Certificate

Alco Credit Union1.00%$500-$10012 Month Share Certificate

Madison National Bank1.00%$500-$100Madison 12 Month Super CD

Empire State Bank1.00%$1k-$10012 Month CD

Pittsford Credit Union1.00%$50-$10012 - 23 Month CD

G.P.O. Credit Union1.00%$1k-$10012 Month Member Choice Share Certificate

Rhinebeck Savings Bank1.00%$10k-$1001 Year CD

Xcel Credit Union1.00%$500-$10012 Month CD

British Airways Employees Credit Union1.00%$2k-$10012 Month Liquid Share Certificate

The Bank of Fayetteville0.95%$500-$95.0012 Month Flex CD

State Bank of Toledo0.95%$1k-$95.0012 Month CD

Empower Credit Union0.95%$10k-$95.0012 Month Generation 1 Wealth Builder Share Savings Certificate

Greater Hudson Bank, National Association0.95%$500-$95.2612 Month CD

Ulster Credit Union0.95%$500-$95.2612 Month CD

USAA Bank0.91%$1k$95k$91.001 Year CD - Standard

Cayuga Lake National Bank0.91%$500-$91.2512 Month CD

Addison Avenue Federal Credit Union0.90%$500-$90.0012 - 17 Month Certificate

American Express Bank FSB0.90%--$90.001 Year CD

Carver Federal Savings Bank0.90%$2,500-$90.0012 month CD

MetLife Bank0.90%$2k-$90.0012 Month CD

Third Federal0.90%*$500-$90.0012 Month CD

Geddes Federal Savings and Loan Association0.90%$500-$97.6813 Month CD

20Th Century Fox Credit Union0.90%$5k-$90.001 Year Certificate

The National Bank of Delaware County0.90%$500-$90.0012 Month CD

Cathay Bank0.90%$2,500$100k$90.001 Year - 23 Month CD

The Mahopac National Bank0.90%$1k-$90.0012 - 17 Months True Advantage CD

A C M G Credit Union0.90%$1k-$90.2512 Month Share Certificate

Bank of Utica0.90%$500-$90.001 Year Up to 2 Year CD

Orange County Trust Company0.90%$2,500$250k$90.2512 Month CD

Tct Credit Union0.90%$1k-$90.2512 Month CD

Ukrainian Credit Union0.90%$500-$97.6813 Month CD

United International Bank0.90%$1k-$90.001 Year CD

First Savings Bank Northwest0.87%$5k-$87.2412 Month CD

BankUnited0.85%$5k-$85.0012 Month CD

Community Bank of Raymore0.85%$500-$85.001 Year Emerald Club CD

First Trade Union Savings0.85%$500-$85.001 Year CD

Ridgewood Savings Bank0.85%$500-$85.0012 Month CD

Navy Federal Credit Union0.85%$1k-$85.001 Year CD

Northwest Federal Credit Union0.85%$2,500-$85.001 Year CD

Solvay Bank0.85%$500-$85.0012 Month CD

Carthage Federal Savings and Loan Association0.85%$500-$85.0012 Month CD

Kaiser Federal Bank0.85%$1k-$85.0012 - 23 Month CD

Tioga State Bank0.85%$5k-$85.00Ladder CD 12 to 23 Month

The Berkshire Bank0.85%$10k$500k$85.0012 Month CD

First American International Bank0.85%$500-$85.001 Year CD

The Bank of Castile0.85%$1k-$85.0012 - 14 Months True Advantage CD

Auburn Community Credit Union0.85%--$85.001 Year CD

Royal Banks of Missouri0.81%$1k$100k$81.0012 Month CD

Community Bank of Pleasant Hill0.80%$500-$80.001 Year CD

State Farm Bank0.80%*--$80.0012 Month CD

Dime Savings Bank0.80%$500-$86.8213 Month CD

Advantage Federal Credit Union0.80%--$80.0012 - 17 Month CD

Catskill Hudson Bank0.80%$1k-$80.2212-23 Month CD

Peoples National Bank (PA)0.80%$1k-$80.2212 Month CD

The Summit Credit Union0.80%$500-$80.001 Year CD

Tompkins Trust Company0.80%--$80.2212 Month CD

Sterling National Bank0.75%$10k$100k$87.8014 Month Smart Option Internet CD

ING DIRECT0.75%--$75.0012 Month Orange CD

Northern Federal Credit Union0.75%$10k-$75.001 Year CD - Best

Patriot Bank0.75%$1k-$81.4013 Months CD

Astoria Federal Savings0.75%$500-$75.001 Year CD

Atlantic Coast Bank0.75%--$75.0012 Month iCertificates of Deposit

City National Bank (NJ)0.75%$500-$75.0012 - 23 Month CD

Northfield Bank0.75%$2,500-$75.0012 Month CD

Actors Credit Union0.75%$500-$75.0012 Month High-Yield Certificate

Alliance Niagara Credit Union0.75%$1k-$75.2112 Month Certificate

Cornerstone Community Credit Union0.75%$500-$75.001 Year Share Certificate

Mcgraw Hill Credit Union0.75%$10k-$75.2112 Month CD

Esquire Bank0.75%$500-$75.001 Year CD

Genesee Regional Bank0.75%$500-$75.2112 - 17 Month CD

State Bank & Trust0.70%$500-$70.001 Year CD

Easthampton Savings Bank0.70%$1k-$70.0012 Month CD

The Adirondack Trust Company0.70%$500-$70.001 Year CD

American Broadcast Employees Credit Union0.70%$500-$70.001 Year Investment Certificate

Ballston Spa National Bank0.70%$500$100k$70.0012-23 Month Premier CD

Fulton Savings Bank0.70%$500-$70.001 Year CD

Dva Credit Union0.70%$500-$70.1912 Month Share Certificate

Buffalo Service Credit Union0.70%$500-$70.001-Year Share Certificate

ViewPoint Bank0.65%$1k-$65.0012 Month Regular CD

Bank of Smithtown0.65%--$65.0012 Month CD

First National Bank of Long Island0.65%$1k$500k$65.001 Year CD

Salisbury Bank0.65%$1k-$65.0012 - 17 Month CD

Liberty Bank0.65%$500-$65.001 Year CD

S-Bank0.65%$1k-$65.0012 Month Statement Term Certificates

Ameriprise Bank FSB0.65%$10k-$65.0012 Month CD

Countryside Federal Credit Union0.65%$500-$65.0012 Month CD

Chemung Canal Trust0.65%$1k-$65.0012 Month CD

Capital Communications Credit Union0.65%$500-$59.6411 Month Special CD

Adirondack Bank0.65%$1k-$65.0012-17 Months Certificate

Sovereign Bank0.65%$10k$100k$65.0012 Month Rising Rate CD w/ Relationship

Berkshire Bank0.65%*$1k-$65.001 Year CD

Champlain National Bank0.65%$500-$65.1812 - 23 Month CD

Buffalo Metropolitan Credit Union0.65%$500-$65.1812 Month Share Certificate

Pacific Resource Credit Union0.64%$1k-$64.0012 Month CD

Alpine Capital Bank0.61%--$61.001 Year CD

Eastern New York Federal Credit Union0.60%$1k-$60.0012-23 Month CD Share Certificates

North Country Savings Bank0.60%$500-$60.001 Year CD

Flagstar Bank0.60%*$500-$60.0012 - 17 Month CD

Bank of Greene County0.60%$1k-$60.001 Year CD

Randolph Bank & Trust Company0.60%$10k-$60.0012 Month Fixed Rate CD

TrustCo Bank0.60%*--$60.0012 Month CD

Dannemora Credit Union0.60%--$60.1612 Month Share Certificate

Core Credit Union0.60%$1k-$60.1612 Month Share Certificate

Provident Bank0.60%$500-$60.001 Year CD

Cattaraugus County Bank0.59%$1k-$59.0012 Month CD

Provident Credit Union (CA)0.55%$1k-$55.0012 Month CD

Niagara's Choice Credit Union0.55%$500-$55.1512 Month CD

Allstate Bank0.50%$1k-$50.001 Year CD

E-LOAN.com0.50%$10k-$50.001 Year CD

FNBO Direct0.50%--$50.0012 Month CD

Lake Michigan Credit Union0.50%$500-$58.5214 Month CD

M&T Bank0.50%*--$50.0012 Month Select CD

Kinderhook Bank0.50%$500-$50.001 Year CD

Evans Bank0.50%$500-$50.001 Year CD

Capital One, National Association0.50%*$5k$100k$50.001 Year CD

Capital One Direct Banking0.50%$5k-$50.001 Year CD

Alliance Bank, National Association0.50%$10k$100k$50.0012 Month CD

M&T Bank, National Association0.50%$5k-$50.1412 Month CD

First New York Credit Union0.50%$500-$50.1412 Month Share Certificate

Buffalo Postal Community Credit Union0.50%$1k-$50.001 Year Share Certificate

Consumers Credit Union (IL)0.45%$250-$45.001 Year CD

Citibank0.45%*$500-$46.3913 Month CD

Bank of America0.45%*--$45.0012 - 17 Month CD

Stillwater National Bank0.45%*$10k-$45.0012 Month CD

Heritage Bank0.40%$1k-$40.0012 Month CD

Northwest Savings Bank0.40%*$500-$40.0012 - 17 Month CD

Charles Schwab Bank0.40%$1k-$40.0012 Month CD

AmTrustDirect0.40%$1k-$40.0012 Month CD

Partners 1St Credit Union0.38%$500-$38.1012 Month CD

First Republic Bank0.35%*$5k-$35.0012 Month CD

INOVA Federal Credit Union0.35%$200-$40.9614 Month CD

KeyBank0.35%*$10k$100k$37.9813 Month Tiered CD - Relationship

UBS Bank USA0.35%*$1k-$35.001 Year CD

Fairport Savings Bank0.35%$500-$35.0012 Month Flexible CD

TD Bank, National Association0.30%*$250-$30.0012 Month No Catch CD

Pioneer Savings Bank0.30%$500-$30.001 Year CD

iGObanking0.25%$1k-$25.0012 Month iGOCD

Chase Manhattan Bank0.25%*$1k-$25.0012-17 Month CD - Relationship

Flushing Commercial Bank0.25%$5k-$25.0712 Month CD

HSBC Bank USA, National Association0.20%$1k-$20.05Online 1 Year plus 1 day CD

HSBC Advance0.20%--$20.0012 Month Online CD

Wells Fargo Bank0.15%*$2,500-$15.001 Year CD

Wachovia Bank0.15%*$1k-$15.0012 Month CD

Amegy Bank0.10%$1k-$9.04330 Day Jumbo Personal CD

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