Friday, July 22, 2011

Saving money on produce @ the supermarket

So I'm at the supermarket the other day and see someone tearing off the stems from their bananas and cherries.  I asked them why they were doing that - they replied back, "why would I pay them for parts of the fruit that I don't need?"  I looked a bit bewildered at them, thinking "that's how it comes, so you have to buy it that way".  But then I quickly replied, "well, why not just take the entire banana out of its peel and put it into the plastic bag that way and not pay for the peel at all?"  Of course I was joking, sort of.  I mean, heck, if you're going to eat the banana on the way home, do you really need the peel anyway?  I'm thinking I'll look for savings somewhere else in my life than to succumb to what that lady was doing - like filling up my gas tank in Jersey instead of New York or buying nearly anything else in Jersey where seemingly everything has lower sales tax than NY!

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